Friday, 26 April 2013

White floorboards

I've not really had time to blog recently, thanks to uni work, but I have missed blogging! I've noticed a lot of my favourite blogs haven't been updating as often as they used to, and a lot of bloggers have been talking about having "writers block" recently too. So I guess I'm not the only one!

Anyway, I mentioned in a previous post about my bedroom decor plans (that have yet to come to fruition) that I have my heart set on a grey, cream and white colour scheme. Well I've recently developed an obsession with white floorboards, which luckily for me goes with this colour scheme perfectly! Scroll down, have a look for yourself, and I'm sure my obsession will rub off on you!

don't you love that arm chair? The print and colours are lovely

I like the grey and brown too, especially the tan leather morrocan pouffe
More brown..That sleigh bed & mirror <3 br="">

All the plain white makes those colourful flowers really pop!

The only thing I'm worried about is maintenance (will I need to clean it a million times a day :S ) and wear and tear (I can imagine white floorboards having loads of scuffs within a few weeks). Has anyone got white floorboards or have any experience with them? Let me know if you do!

*photo source: google

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Mi Goals Diary 2013

I'm a bit tardy to the party with this post. I recently replaced my unsightly plastic academic diary (the kind that start in September and end in August) with a slightly more age appropriate diary from Mi Goals, an Australian company.

"Mi Goals is a lifestyle brand.. founded in 2010.... starting with a simple goal to create all in one diary that allows you to write, track and achieve your goals all the while staying organised"*

It's fairly plain in design, but anyone who knows me, knows I'm a sucker for motivational quotes and pretty typography, which was what convinced me to get this diary in the end. My only wish is that they had colours other than black (white isn't even an option for a girl as clumsy as me)!

These diaries are really cool in the sense that they allow you a handy space to write down your goals for each week. In all honesty though, I haven't used the "main" goals pages, I'm more a fan of the weekly habits and goals slot at the bottom of each week plan, and the fact that I'm able to tick off each day (see picture above). Overall I'm happy with the layout and have made good use of it so far. The price is slightly steeper than what I'm used to in a diary, so I wouldn't recommend it if you don't use your diary often, but if like me you use your diary all the time, go for it!

So what diary did you get for 2013? Do tell!

*from the Mi Goals website

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Eating Clean

I've started writing this post and then deleted it half way through several times this week. It's a bit awks (that's "awkward" for those of you who aren't used to people speaking with half words). *Basically* long-story-short: On December the 30th whilst eating a take-away curry and feeling shattered at 7pm, I decided enough was enough. I wanted to start fuelling my body like the valuable machine it is, because without it I can't do much (and at the time I was getting next to nothing done). I watched a documentary (Hungry For Change), listened to a talk online by an endocrinologist (Sugar: The Bitter Truth by Dr Robert Lustig) and decided to commit to educating myself about food. I now cook my own meals from scratch using fresh, unprocessed ingredients (not a ready made tomato sauce or condiment in sight). I swapped white pasta and rice for brown, swapped squash for fresh lime and mint leaves, and a couple of other changes that I implemented gradually.

Although I'm really proud of the fact that I've stuck with this for so long, there's one thing that I haven't done, which I think is the reason why I've been so hesitant to write this. I haven't cut down on my beloved sweets; which makes this so called lifestyle change feel like a bit of a cop out! So the next thing on my to-do list is to cut down on sweets and replace them with healthier snacks. I'm also going to exercise regularly (again) to replace the sugar high I apparently love.

Since I started this journey I've gained so much inspiration and resources via the internet! From recipes, to tips to cutting down on sugar, and just plain old encouragement! I've loved trying the new things I've come across, as I was so used to just eating the same things again and again. I thought I'd share some of my favourite resources so others can benefit too.

Here's what I made earlier (à la Blue Peter)
  1.  @officialfooddiary account on instagram
One of my favourite sources of inspiration is Muhsine (aka bubblegarm). She's currently on day 52 of her own clean eating journey, an she's in it for the long haul! She posts lovely pictures (as always) of everything she eats, which provides inspiration for people like me. (peep the 3rd to last pic above, they're homemade healthy peanut butter cookies made using her recipe). You can check out her post on clean eating on her blog.

   2. @eattrainbefit account on instagram

This account is the lovely Ebru's online food diary. Her meals look beautiful and tasty, and make eating clean seem like a great option rather than a restricted diet.

  3.  @healing_onlybelle account on instagram

Belle's account is so inspirational. According to her bio, she's "healing cancer, brain trauma & gastrointestinal damage through holistic therapy + nourishing food". Again, her account is a gold mine for recipes that I never would have dreamt of myself! They look absolutely divine! She's about to launch her recipes (either via an ebook or an app) so that's something to look forward to!

  4.  Gemma's health and fitness channel on youtube

Through Gemma's channel I discovered almond milk, egg whites, the benefits of a low GI diet and much more. Her recipes are so inventive (pizza rolls anyone?) and she even posted a tea haul... Yes you read correctly, a tea haul. You can't go wrong with that!

 5.  The food section of

I can always rely on the food section of urbanbushbabes blog to provide me with tasty recipes and informative infographics. So far I've tried an avocado smoothie (and I had never even tried an avocado before this!), classic pesto (mute the video if you don't listen to music, the instructions are written on screen), this amazing brunch, and I'm looking forward to trying this Moroccan soup. YUM!

That's about all for now folks! I've yapped enough. For more inspiration, check out my clean living board on pinterest. If you want any more info or have any questions on what I've been doing, feel free to leave me a comment!

Disclaimer: I'm no expert (not by the furthers stretch of the imagination) I'm just learning as I go along!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Chai Tea bags

When I find something new that amazes me, I love to share it. I feel stingy otherwise lol (sharing is caring and all that jazz). I often professed my love of chai tea (plus I've posted my fool proof recipe all over the interwebs). As much as I adore chai tea, and as easy as my recipe is, making it from scratch every day can be a pain; which is why I was over joyed to discover these amazingly authentic tasting chai tea bags from good old M&S. So if you don't fancy making chai tea from scratch, try these, and let me know what you think!

Green tea lovers; I've got your back too! I also found these chai flavoured, organic green tea bags. The warm and spicy flavour is such a refreshing change from the plain old green tea I'm used too (I even got my cousin who hates green tea to try it - and she loved it!). I got mine from Holland and Barretts.

P.S: The M&S tea bags are not available to buy online unfortunately, but here's a pic of the box that I instagrammed a few weeks ago, incase your wondering what the box looks like.

Have you got any tea recommendations? I'm always on the look out for great tea!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Be Inspired: Charlotte Moss

"My mother always said, 'knock yourself out or don't bother.' If you're not entertaining yourself and your guests, why bother?" - Charlotte Moss

Are there any words that could do this tablescape justice? The colours and prints, plus the copious amounts of floral. It literally looks like a dream!

This beautiful tablescape is by Charlotte Moss and was featured in House Beautiful. I couldn't not share it! I came across it whilst reading one of my favourite blogs, a lovely being (which in my opinion is one of the prettiest places on the web!).

On my internet adventures I discovered that Charlotte Moss has published a book called "Charlotte Moss: A visual life", that is full of eye wateringly beautiful collages. I'm drawn to this book for the same reason that I'm drawn to instagram. In a sea of readings and essays, sometimes I just need something visual to peruse. I seriously need to get this book! Enough yapping, here are a few pictures from the book..

This collage reminds me of my favorite park!

There's even been a cushion made out of this collage

So many topiaries, so little time..

What's inspiring you these days? Let me know in the comments below!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Decorating Inspiration: neon wall signs

I've got a thing for neon, more specifically, neon wall signs. Using neon signs in interior design has become a lot more mainstream and accessible. I love admiring neon signs, and imagining the places that they could be used in a home, so I thought I'd share what I'd come with so far; after all, this blog is for sharing the things I love!

In a Nursery/Kids room




To Brighten up a boring space


For an event

Events seem like the most conventional place to use a neon sign for decor (in my opinion). It's actually possible to hire a neon sign, so that's really convenient (and a lot cheaper than buying a sign that you may never re-use!). The contrast of something so modern and industrial in a "girly" type space is lovely (like in the picture above).

Also, I reckon they'd be fantastic in a space that doesn't get as much natural light as you'd prefer, like  hallway that's a bit on the dingy side. Neon wall signs are available to buyfrom the letteroom.

What do you think of neon wall signs? Would you ever use them in your own home, or do you prefer to admire them elsewhere?

*sources for images: google images.

Instagram post

Instagram username: hana_s_h

I never thought I'd do an instagram blogpost, as I've only recently started to enjoy and appreciate photography. I haven't been able to blog as often as I'd like to recently, due to 'real life' keeping me very busy; but I've become quite active on instagram lately so I thought I'd share some of my pictures of the last few weeks!

1. Cool Lime Refresher has become my all time favourite Starbucks drink. Can't get enough of it, even though it's winter!

2. I finally got myself some fairy lights for my bed frame. They're lovely and cosy looking

3. I discovered a bakhoor air freshener and the home fragrance addict in me couldn't not purchase it. It's bakhoor in a bottle basically.

4. I finally caved in and got a rose gold Michael Kors watch (even though I said I would never)! 

5. A pretty notebook that I recently got. Floral as always.

6. A bag and some shoe clips that I nabbed in the sales. I actually wanted that bag when it was full price, so I was chuffed to get it at a discounted price.

7. A swan I encountered whilst on a walk. They are the prettiest birds.

8. I received a "Valentina by Valentino" as a gift recently which I was absolutely ecstatic about. I'd , been coveting it since I got a sample in a glossybox.

9. I've been on a healthy eating kick since the new year (who hasn't?) which has resulted in me cooking for myself a lot more. The picture is of a Thai butternut squash and pineapple curry. Yum! It was so fragrant.

10. I created my own version of the starbucks cool lime refresher, which was surprisingly lovely. My niece and nephew are obsessed by it. They walk into the house and greet me with "can we have some lime" lol.

11. I'm a lover of hampers; so when one of my best friends recently got married, me and a few other friends put together this hamper, which I'm pleased to say she loved :)

12. My gloved and folders that match. I find it so embarrassing lol. What you can't see in the photo is that my pencil case, notepad, and makeup bag match too (yes, I'm a floral addict, and I'm not seeking treatment lol).

Hopefully by mid-January I'll have time to do my DIY projects, and I'll be able to post all about them!
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